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What we do

The world offers itself to your imagination from Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

And that journey to be inspired, to dream and to create wonderful memories, starts here.

Put simply, we offer tailor-made luxury travel, based upon our in-depth local knowledge and expertise. From the moment you contact us, your holiday becomes a collaboration between your desires and our know-how. Our exceptional holidays are hand-crafted, tailoring every element to your requests.

What lies at the heart of A la Carte Corsica, is our love for adventure, the outdoors, for active pursuits, for spending valuable time with family and friends, for wonderful food, good living and for the sheer joy that interacting with new people and places can bring. We offer our travellers a luxury bespoke journey, designed and produced on demand.

For who

Everyman can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure Irving Wallace

Our traveller community defines itself through an enthusiasm for luxury travel. And that’s it. Our travellers are:

  • Individuals wanting to meet other like-minded travellers, where fun is the aim and life-long friendships are formed.
  • Couples: Collaborating with you to create your dream holiday couldn’t be more satisfying.
  • Families: A holiday can be the best of all adventures and hold the most treasured of all memories. We cater for every need, big and small.
  • Corporate travel: Whoever thought this could be fun and rewarding at the same time? Understanding the needs of business, we can help your team excel both within and outside of the workplace.
  • Private Groups: Holidaying with friends or other families? Let us create the perfect trip whether guided or self-guided, allowing you to concentrate on having good times together.


Quality bespoke holidays require in-depth knowledge and expertise. Our expertise focuses on the island of Corsica where our office and local staff our based. We are always on hand to help.


You tell us. Cycling, walking, motorbike tours, hike and drive, sailing tours, sailing and cycling, culture, food, wine, exclusive accommodation, stylish, chic, classic, rustic, family-friendly. Pick and mix the elements that you wish for your holiday and we will seamlessly put them together. We tailor our holidays to all levels of fitness (if involving activities) and all levels of interests.

See our experiences page.

What we stand for

  • Experiential, luxury, bespoke travel.
  • Quality and excellence in our service to the discerning traveller.
  • Love our world. Our approach is to travel with passion and compassion. We take a conscientious approach to our natural world and towards local communities.


Start a conversation with us. Then let us do the work.

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