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Hiking in the Corsican mountain


“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” - Nietzsche.  

What better way to immerse yourself in a foreign landscape, than to walk.  It’s one of our favourite past-times on Corsica, as we believe that walking really is food for the soul.  Whether you wish to set yourself a challenge, or simply pepper your holiday with a few interesting jaunts, we have routes that will provide fascinating insights into this stunning island.  If you choose to walk with a group of friends or family, then we can also organise a guide for you.  Leave the logistics to us and have more time to think great thoughts. 


Cycling Corsica


The thrill of the ride, plus the pleasure of exploring a new environment.  How much better does it get?  

Experienced cyclists
If you are looking for a purist cycling holiday, then look no further.  Whether guided, or self-guided, we can create the most superb cycling trips.  Choose between GPX tracks, or a support vehicle ready to greet you with all your requirements.  If you don’t want to bring your own bike, then hire one from our superior fleet; Trek’s lightest ever carbon road bike, the Emonda SL6 with disc brakes, will be hard to beat. 

Holiday friendly  
There’s nothing like pedal power, or is there?  Take the strain out of those hills with our superb Trek e-bikes which allow all the fun of the ride, with a little less of the sweat.  Whether you wish to ride a little every day, or simply have one day of cycling within your holiday, we can create the perfect combination that works for you.  Electric bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or leisure bikes are all available to suit your requirements.


Motorcycling holidays on Corsica


With the right knowledge, a motorcycle tour becomes a thing of beauty.  Quiet back roads, exceptional views and accommodation that is worthy of any discerning motorcycle tourist.  Make your trip as authentic or as luxurious as you desire.  Hire a motorbike from us (Indian, BMW, Honda, Triumph, Suzuki) and expect nothing but the best.

Four wheels

Car tours on Corsica


The preferred choice of the independent traveller?  Yes, of course.  But why not let someone else do all the planning and let you get on and enjoy your independence?  Chauffer service, private transfers, hire cars, can all be arranged through us.  Let us take care of your accommodation and routes, then all you need to decide is which café to stop in.   Want to hire a bike with that?  Or include some walks?  Not a problem.

Glamping VW style

VW campervan tours on Corsica


Finding the right way to travel and share experiences is so important.  That’s why at A La Carte Corsica, we try to cater to everyone’s tastes.  How about waking up to the sunrise over a beautiful beach in the Mediterranean?  Just you, your loved one and the sound of the ocean?  Rent a luxury VW campervan directly from our fleet and discover what it is to travel in style and yet feel a vibrant connection to the world around you. 

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Take me to the mountains

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